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With four decades of experience at the highest level of fitness and strength Neil Brophy knows everything there is to know about training programs; he knows what to expect, what works and the mistakes to look out for. The first 12 weeks are essential to your fitness journey. If you can make it through three months you will be on your way to a lifetime of fitness and health.

Right at the beginning, take it easy on yourself. You are not going to wake up one day and suddenly be an athlete. Even though you have made the decision that you want a fit and healthy life and have joined the gym to make that happen you will still have your body, your level of fitness and your habits. That’s okay, we have 12 weeks to change that.

In the first four weeks concentrate on the basics. Get to the gym three times a week, don’t worry too much about what you do when you get here, just get here. Form the habit of walking through the gym doors.

Start to bring routine to your eating and sleeping. Make regular meal times and a regular bedtime. Settle into your new practices. Unlike most personal trainers who promise quick fix fast results Neil Brophy does not recommend that you radically change your eating, drinking and social habits in the first month as it can often isolate you from your friends and community just when you need their support.

In the second four weeks most people grow impatient for results. Neil Brophy thinks of it as a gardener planting a seed. Horticulturalists plant their seeds and wait patiently for the plants to grow but when us non professionals garden we check the seed every day.

As your curiosity rises you’ll feel the desire to increase the quality of your food and start to look at is as fuel not pleasure. You’ll start to notice improvements in your habits, food and sleeping as well as your strength, fitness and flexibility.

In the third four weeks the fun really starts. As you approach week 12 you’ll know what it feels like to feel good! You’ll feel better, with increased energy and you will have a greater clarity about your physical wellbeing, being more present and aware of your body, food and all aspects of life. Wellbeing will have become a real interest and you will be eager to improve your technique in the gym, you’ll refine your food willingly and you’ll be constantly seeking out wellness information.

Over the months your community will have changed. Some of your friends will have come along for your fitness ride and joined you at the gym and you will have made new friends at your fitness classes and working out.

Far from feeling like a challenge, the feel good factor will have become an addiction and you won’t be able to imagine a life without the gym. Welcome to the world of fitness.

Neil Brophy believes that patience and good habits are the two keys to success. As a veteran of the fitness industry he’s also a big believer in fitness for life, not quick fixes that won’t last and can do more harm than good.

Take it slowly and commit to lifestyle changes that you can keep to. In the first month, nothing is more important than showing up. Just get yourself to the gym. And then do it again. And again. By the end of the first month a habit will be forming and you won’t want to miss your scheduled sessions.

Here’s Neil Brophy’s TOP TIPs.

  1. Routine. That means eat, sleep, train. For the first month aim to do weights twice a week in the gym and make it to one class. Just turn up.
  2. Sleep. Learn to listen to the circadian rhythms. Pay attention to when the birds are awake and fall into line. Look to the seasons, find your own natural balance, instead of forcing waking hours that exhaust you.
  3. Eat on time. Get into the habit of eating at regular times. Don’t worry too much yet about the quality of what you are eating just the times. If you are only grabbing one unhealthy meal a day we have a long way to go, so let’s start with making that meal regular.
  4. Eat better. Concentrate on what you can add in, don’t think about what you should take out.
  5. Drink. Drink more water. We need roughly one liter for every 25 kg of body weight. Remember to drink while you are moving too, you’ll need more water than ever now that you are working out.
  6. Be conscious. Conscious change brings results. Consider what you are doing. Bring your mind to your body. Be aware.
  7. People. As your habits change so will your social environment. Look out for the people who are supporting you and seek them out.
  8. Relationships. Start to notice your relationships with food and exercise. Take note, and build awareness of your thoughts, resistances and the things you love.
  9. Measure. Find the measure that works for you so that you can quantify and celebrate your progress and success. There are lots of measures and it’s important to find that one that resonates with you. For example, it could be the mirror, the measuring tape, strength or a feeling of wellbeing. It might be about the scales for you, but it isn’t always.

Need extra support with your fitness routine? Talk to us today about our personal training programs.

Team Brophy, the dedicated members of Brophy’s Body and Mind choose Brophy’s for a variety of reasons including the warm welcome, the Ayurvedic wisdom, the plentiful GroupFit classes and the staff’s experience and expertise.

Founded 31 years ago in Windsor, Melbourne by fitness expert Neil Brophy, Brophy’s Body and Mind has long led the local wellness scene with an ahead of the times holistic approach, a unique boutique experience and a level of service rarely seen today in any industry. An exceptional gym and wonderful yoga studio are offered in synergie to care for both body and mind.

Brophy’s Body and Mind brings all of the wisdom of the world’s oldest health care system, Ayurveda, to play in every aspect of your wellbeing journey. Ayurveda, the sister of yoga and the science of long life has for millennia brought wellbeing to every aspect of it’s devotees lives.

Conveniently located meters from Chapel Street and Windsor Station, Brophy’s Body and Mind is a homely haven where you will feel warmly welcomed. East meets west as Ayurvedic treatments and a plethora of yoga treatments are offered within your gym membership; workout and work up a high intensity sweat upstairs in the fully equipped weights and cardio machines area or stretch and relax in the calming studio where natural light from the skylights bathes practices.

The gym is always staffed during opening hours, creating a world of safety and care. Fully trained and highly experienced staff are on hand at all times providing support to members working out. Every member receives two hours with a trainer when they join, which includes an extremely comprehensive body type assessment based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, a thorough introduction to the gym and a workout plan.

Members have a multitude of workout options. Many choose to workout alone knowing that they will be both supported by the staff on duty and welcomed by the other friendly members exercising in the gym. An excellent team of personal trainers work in the gym providing both one on one training and group training for small teams of members. All of the trainers working in the gym are Brophy’s staff rather than contractors, allowing Neil Brophy to personally ensure that every moment of training delivered in the gym meets his exacting expert requirements.

The class studio operates seven days a week throughout the year. With a timetable to rival any the schedule of any fitness studio in Melbourne, Brophy’s Body and Mind offers a comprehensive range of yoga classes, pilates, circuit and sculpt.

With the exceptional level of service, attentive staff and sixteen classes each week included in every membership one might expect Brophy’s Body and Mind to be prohibitively expensive. Far from it, Neil Brophy’s commitment to bringing fitness and wellbeing to the local community ensures that prices remain amongst the most competitive in the area, offering a value for money that cannot be beaten.

If you would like to experience the gym for yourself, contact Christiana and come for a visit! You are always welcome.