Achieve greatness at Brophy’s.

The Facilities

Brophy’s Body & Mind boasts a fully equipped boutique gymnasium, offering its members full access to free weights, cardio equipment and state of the art pin-loaded machines. We also offer beautifully appointed group fitness, Yoga and boxing studios. If you’re keen to get involved in group fitness classes, including Pilates and 3 styles of Yoga, take a look at our Timetable.



The Culture

We give you the tools to improve your fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle by combining traditional Western methods with Eastern philosophies. Vibrant, unique and friendly, it is no wonder we are one of the most popular and long-standing gyms in Melbourne.

The Service

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service and individual support. We have serviced Melbourne’s inner southeast for over thirty years, limiting our membership numbers to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our members.


We employ a highly qualified, handpicked team of professionals, all of whom boast years of experience in lifestyle training and are on hand to provide support and assistance from opening time to closing time.


During your first few visits to Brophy’s, we will work with your to work out your Ayurveda body type, analyse your posture, strength and flexibility, establish your personal goals and design your programme, as well as offering our recommendations on group exercise and yoga classes. We will continue to work with you to provide encouragement, and ensure that you stay on track to reaching your full fitness potential.