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Starting Your Training Programme

28 - November - 2015 | Category: none | by ADMIN

Neil Brophy believes that patience and good habits are the two keys to success. As a veteran of the fitness industry he’s also a big believer in fitness for life, not quick fixes that won’t last and can do more harm than good.

Take it slowly and commit to lifestyle changes that you can keep to. In the first month, nothing is more important than showing up. Just get yourself to the gym. And then do it again. And again. By the end of the first month a habit will be forming and you won’t want to miss your scheduled sessions.

Here’s Neil Brophy’s TOP TIPs.

  1. Routine. That means eat, sleep, train. For the first month aim to do weights twice a week in the gym and make it to one class. Just turn up.
  2. Sleep. Learn to listen to the circadian rhythms. Pay attention to when the birds are awake and fall into line. Look to the seasons, find your own natural balance, instead of forcing waking hours that exhaust you.
  3. Eat on time. Get into the habit of eating at regular times. Don’t worry too much yet about the quality of what you are eating just the times. If you are only grabbing one unhealthy meal a day we have a long way to go, so let’s start with making that meal regular.
  4. Eat better. Concentrate on what you can add in, don’t think about what you should take out.
  5. Drink. Drink more water. We need roughly one liter for every 25 kg of body weight. Remember to drink while you are moving too, you’ll need more water than ever now that you are working out.
  6. Be conscious. Conscious change brings results. Consider what you are doing. Bring your mind to your body. Be aware.
  7. People. As your habits change so will your social environment. Look out for the people who are supporting you and seek them out.
  8. Relationships. Start to notice your relationships with food and exercise. Take note, and build awareness of your thoughts, resistances and the things you love.
  9. Measure. Find the measure that works for you so that you can quantify and celebrate your progress and success. There are lots of measures and it’s important to find that one that resonates with you. For example, it could be the mirror, the measuring tape, strength or a feeling of wellbeing. It might be about the scales for you, but it isn’t always.

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