We started offering Yoga to our members back in the 1990’s as part of our commitment to blending the latest in contemporary fitness methods with Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga. It is no surprise that we are one of the most longstanding gyms and yoga studios in the Prahran area.


Our yoga is balanced and mindful without the heat of modern hype. We endeavour to create a balanced and mindful practice in a serene space. Our teachers share their wealth of knowledge and experience with our members, hosting classes in three yoga styles.


Brophy’s offers an environment in which participants can experience complete mind and body harmony. The studio is calm and full of light, worlds away from the high energy of the gym floor.Your practice will help to increase strength and vitality, improve mobility and flexibility, and encourage a more centred state of mind.


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Styles of Practice:


Breathe, extend and meditate – build and maintain flexibility whilst releasing tension. These very gentle classes suit all body types (especially Vata).


A more patient practice, Yin targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Containing mostly floor work, Yin postures are held for longer than most other styles.

Yoga Flow

Our flowing classes connect Hatha postures through movement and breath. Different postures can be arranged into different sequences to meet the needs and moods of the practitioner.