Your First 12 Weeks

3 - December - 2015

With four decades of experience at the highest level of fitness and strength Neil Brophy knows everything there is to know about training programs; he knows what to expect, what works and the mistakes to look out for. The first 12...MORE

Starting Your Training Programme

28 - November - 2015

Neil Brophy believes that patience and good habits are the two keys to success. As a veteran of the fitness industry he’s also a big believer in fitness for life, not quick fixes that won’t last and can do more harm than good....MORE

Find Yourself At Home At Brophy’s Body And Mind

18 - November - 2015

Team Brophy, the dedicated members of Brophy’s Body and Mind choose Brophy’s for a variety of reasons including the warm welcome, the Ayurvedic wisdom, the plentiful GroupFit classes and the staff’s experience and expertise....MORE