Brophy’s Timetable

GroupFit classes offer something for everyone.*

Our qualified instructors plan each class to accommodate all body types, ages and fitness levels. The Group Fitness Studio capacity is 20, to give members more individual attention. You won’t get lost in the crowd at Brophy’s Body & Mind.

Click here for Brophy’s Group Fitness Timetable (pdf).

*You must be injury-free to attend GroupFit classes.

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The name says it all! Dynamic is an all-in-one workout, with traditional exercises as well as modern functional training. You won’t be left standing still in these 30 and 60 min sweat sessions.

A method of body strengthening from the inside out. Use precise movements to improve your posture, flexibility, concentration and core strength. Ideal for all body types.

YinYoga_GroupFitIcon_smlYin Yoga
A patient practice, targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Containing mostly floor-work, Yin postures are held for longer than in most yoga styles. Suits all, especially Vata and Kapha.

HathaYoga_GroupFitIcon_smlHatha Yoga

Breathe, Extend, Meditate. All yoga styles come from Hatha. Relax and de-stress in these very gentle classes. Suits all body types, especially Vata.

VinyasaYoga_GroupFitIcon_smlYoga Flow

Use breath to connect Hatha yoga asanas (postures)
in flowing sequences. The instructor will set the sequences and the pace throughout the class. Classes may include arm balances and other dynamic asanas. Suits all body types, especially Pitta.