Enjoy Progressing Through Our Unique Strength Training Program

If you’ve found yourself lacking in body strength at work or in sport, or you want to feel more resilient and comfortable in your everyday life, try out a friendly strength training program at Brophy’s gym. Sitting proudly in the heart of South Melbourne, our gym has been a favourite of Prahran, St Kilda East, and South Yarra residents for more than 30 years. Core to our amazing popularity and longevity is the holistic, constructive attitude Brophy’s promotes regarding health; in addition to being a fully equipped gym, our programs are based on the teachings of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health program and a sister to yoga. Brophy’s recognises the mental and spiritual components of health and strength, and we encourage all of them to flourish through our acclaimed strength conditioning classes.


Strength training for women and men now available in South Yarra and St Kilda East

Tackle the gym head-on with the support of the Brophy’s staff and community, through one of our ever-popular  strength training dynamic classes for women and men. Specifically focusing on efficient ways to build muscle strength and energy, these programs are a great complement to the cardio work most of our members already include in their gym routines, and will leave you feeling more confident and relaxed in your daily life. As generations of Prahran’s women have found out, you don’t have to have dreams of bodybuilding to benefit from strength training. The functional strength you develop through our classes will help you stay fit and active throughout your life. Include our Ayurveda-based strength training in your fitness plan starting today.


Prahran’s most famous and complete strength training program

No matter what your reason for working on your functional strength, if you’re going to do it you need to do it right. Don’t risk damaging vulnerable muscles or creating unbalanced body habits which will grind you down later in life. Work with the renowned Brophy’s gym team to build up your strength training from first principles; we give you the foundation you need to pursue greater things in the gym.
To get in touch with Brophy’s and book your spot in our sought-after strength training classes, call (03) 9529 6161 today.