Ayurveda wellness treatments at Brophy’s have been noted to blissfully reduce the effects of stress, fatigue, anxiety and restless sleep patterns. We have four treatment styles available. Find a style that suits you, and make an appointment with us today.


Our Treatments

Abhyanga Massage

Used for relaxation, as well as giving tone to muscles and promoting blood circulation, massage strokes are designed to bring the flow of Prana within the body back into balance by stimulating the 108 marma energy points.


In this treatment, warm Auyrvedic herbal oil is poured onto the ‘third eye’ from a hanging vessel. Profoundly relaxing, this rejuvenating therapy gives a healthy glow that radiates.


Kativasti is a highly effective treatment for back pain, spinal disorders and inflammatory conditions. Special Ayurvedic medicated oil is warmed and then poured onto the lower back within a herbal paste boundary where it remains for the duration for the treatment.

Mini Treatments

Relieve your mind and ‘sole’ with one of our mini head and foot treatments. We massage the ‘marma’ (energy points) using a warm organic oil infused with herbs to reduce stress and improve your circulation.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda, meaning ‘knowledge of life’, is a natural healing science from the south of India and Sri Lanka. Originating some 5000 years ago, its focus is to create a balance in body and mind through diet and lifestyle with herbs and natural remedies.


Each individual has a particular natural energy pattern made up of ‘Doshas’ which are described as Vata – body movement; Pitta – digestion and metabolism; and Kapha – body fluids and structure.


When all are in balance you feel good and healthy and are immune to disease.


You don’t have to be physically ill to benefit from Ayurveda. It is recommended for those who seek inward balance and harmony; a long, healthy life; body rejuvenation; and for healing specific ailments.


Ayurveda is known particularly in Asia and is rapidly becoming known in the western world as an effective gentle system of natural holistic treatment. Leaving no side effects, Ayurveda is a way of life to make you feel light, tranquil, stress-free and yet filled with zest and vitality to enjoy life.

Your Therapist

Tim Taubert

Tim is a warm and personable therapist that will have you deeply relaxed in no time. Not just an experienced Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant, Tim is also a trusted and valued member of the Brophy’s Team. Tim has been studying Ayurveda since 2005. He earned his Certificate 4 in Ayurveda from the best, studying under Dr S Ajit, Australia’s most respected Ayurvedic teacher and doctor. (Also the founder of Planet Ayurveda in New Zealand.) Make an appointment with Tim today and experience the healing benefits of Ayurveda.